Heart of Te Fiti

Date: 8/7/2017

By FightingDreamers

so i had to restore the heart of te fiti. I was on this island with my friends and we had to sail across the sea but they were all like "oh i'm not allowed to my mom caught me last time" and they all nominated me to sail across the sea. so I had to build a fucking boat to sail and they weren't helping me do that. i used some short wooden blocks for the body of the boat and a fucking black blazer as the sail and i piece it all together with a shit ton of tiny ass pins. then my friends were like "woah dude you're going overboard with the pins" I WAS LIKE BITCH IM ABOUT TO SAIL ACROSS SOME ROUGH WATERS BY MYSELF TO RESTORE THE HEART OF TE FITI AND YALL GONNA GET ON ME ABOUT TOO MANY PINS??? I was so mad. I smacked the shit out of one of them and knocked them unconscious and then I was like "well i'm off wish me luck" and then one of my other friends, Bri, was like "wait ill come with you" and then i made her go by herself :P