What or who is it ?

Date: 7/28/2019

By xiomi0411

The red light begins the start. It’s reflecting off the bed. I can see it in the mirror. It’s in the next room, but not inside. The sound of people running but faster than a hurry. Distant screams then silence. It’s very quiet. I can’t move. Not my hands, my arms, my legs, not even my mouth. Only my head. Wait...there’s something. Something outside, coming up the stairs. It stops. It’s coming up the stairs again but this time, it drags it’s claws against the wall. Barks from the dog in the cage to alert that something is there. I can’t tell him to stop. Lover starts to move, I try to tell him that something is there, but restrained from a disobedient mouth. I could not speak. Shattered for what could happen, I turned my head. He closes the door and tries to move the dresser in the way. Comes to a halt and lays back in bed. The door opens. A shadow like figure right out side the door. Too tall to walk through, lowers neck and continues forth in the room. It’s coming for me, I can tell. I cannot move. It faces me at the end of the bed and towers. Waiting for the worst to come, nothing happens. It’s just standing there. What are you? Why are you just standing there? Why do you look like that? Why are the claws vivid but your image not? Who are you ?