In a car talking to my ex yasha

Date: 3/21/2019

By levinelover

I went to the first floor of Seneca when I was supposed to be with Umayma and a couple others, and I was yasha with like 3 girls, I pretended I never saw him and went to get Starbucks water which they didn’t have. He kept trying to get my attention and finally did. He asked me how I was doing and I said fine how about you. He told me how he was doing and I said I was actually studying with Umayma. It was my first time seeing Umayma in months but I acted casual about it. We talked for only a little while before I told him I was to go but for some reason I had to hide from security so I got in yashas car and we continued to talk. I said okay I have to go back now and be productive and he said I want to keep talking you can go at 10, I look st the time and it’s 8:42 and I said absolutely not I don’t want to talk for that long, then I said I’d love to talk but I’m busy. He understood and I felt bad for not being more savage. I told him I’m making time for friends on the weekends so if he wanted to talk to me it would be fine then. He said to call him and we could go to a mall or something. After I got out of the car I got into Brandon’s car and called Peter to tell him what happened.