Basically dating

Date: 4/28/2017

By Elaina

In a store kinda like A'GACI or apple at a local mall. My crush was there with me, just me and him. He told me he wanted to cuddle and I said not right now. He dared me to get on the floor and cuddle with him right there and then. I wasn't gonna be no bitch, and something in my mind knew this was a dream so I got on the floor and put my sweater down as a pillow. I rest my head on the pillow, adjusted my body and looked at Him to come and cuddle with me. He got on his knees and lay down next to me. I looked up at the people walking by, and none of them seem to give a fuck. So me and him started spooning, and even though this was a dream, no ones touch has ever felt more real to me. I got in my favorite sleeping position and he said "oh I got this" and got in the same exact position as I was in and overlapped our legs then he farted which was weird and sounded very real but then we started giggling and it felt really comfortable to be with him.