Date: 3/4/2017

By jaylawrence

I was in a building with some four other relatives. Marylle was with me. Atop the building was a newly hollowblocked fence with fresh cement. Above the sky scraper you can see neon lights at night. Marylle was on the next floor below, when the earthquake strikes suddenly it shook the building, like in a boat it rock in upward motion then left then right slowly, I began to recite the our father prayer, i can hear Marylle chanting the same prayer too below the sound is fainting but we manage to stay in unison sound. As we near the end of the prayer i can hear people especially men chanting in a loud voice LORD, LORD,LORD while the verse of our prayer nears and the earthquake suddenly stops at the end of our prayer,, we all shouted in jubilance as if we won a sporting event. I went to the next floor to get my daughter. Another victory for the LORD.