Long dream: investigating, timetravel, ducks, etc.

Date: 5/5/2017

By dixsilence

After the other dream I went to a... mall? I was with a group on a mission. It was winter and everything was frozen. We were investigating stores when we had to run, there were traps everywhere and I got stuck on a bear traps pit. Literally I was above hundreds of minitraps and two big ones and almost activate one. After my group saved my ass we went to the beach, a big man made tsunami was coming to the city and everything would be destroyed so a team couple, who looked like cat people, did their magic turn back time, so we were safe. We went into a house next to the beach and trying not to get noticed by the big family who lived there. We all were very careful, K don't remember what we were doing but at the end a child saw me and started to sleep her family. We escaped via portals. I appeared on my father's house, I was alone a f using his computer to do something important. When he came back home he turned off an on the pc. I asked him why would he do that, there's no need. The scene repeats but this time it was an uncle and literally brings another pc and uses a key to reboot the computers. What the fuck. The final dream I was at a car with my uncle and mother. We were on a land similar to Italy. It was afternoon, green field and a big river right below the road. A voice sounds and said "this is now the present" and there was less green, more draught and the river was smaller. Finally we went to future and everything was dry and dead. At the end we went to an old house on a hill. There was a river crossing it and it was full of aquatic bird. I couldn't resist and stayed a few mítines watching them. Some duck where bullying a smaller bird called midnight moon, it was like a little duck. A big 'toad duck' grabbed it's feet like it was going to eat her, the announcer started explaining the circle of life but the little duck just eated the other toadduck's legs, gross. At last we went to a building. I only remember being with friends on a high floor. Everything was red and uncomfortable, outside the window there was a celebration and fireworks. We tried to light one but it didn't work and the building started to vibrates, I thought it has to me an earthquake so we all tried to escape. We went to the stairs but they where infinite and messy, no mattered how or where, we always ended at the same spot. I also remember kissing a friend, it felt weird but not bad. A car crash, I didn't wanted to watch because everyone was screaming.