escaping from people during zombie apocalypse

Date: 3/18/2017

By Emilian

This dream mostly involves me jumping from tall mounds or pallets of miscellaneous "things". In the dream I'm not interested in weather there is food inside the wrapped pallets, they are simply the jungle gym course of obstacles I can either loose to or use to my advantage in the tall warehouse most of the dream I set in. The people who chase me around are strange because they never give up. Likewise I don't seems so afraid of them except for the weird adrenaline I always have to get away from them. They even have real guns but this fact either doesn't matter to me or I'm unshakable. I remember multiple times in the dream where I manage to escape for a short time only to find that they have caught up to me an are about to get me. This is never on a flat surface, it's not like I've run down the length of a field and paused then they've found me. No, it's more like I've managed to an near rock climb up scaffolding and wooden pallets to get to the top of a pile only to find someone had made there way into that level with me. I have to then run, and sometimes jump, from a scary height get outside of the building and continue on. At one point if the dream it seems I really have truly lost the mysterious people, or that they have given up. There is one friendly girl my age who has made it out like me so we travel together only to later run into yet another group. This group lives on a strangely smeless garbage dump where their houses are made of large diner table sized compacted rubbish. I'm running in this area away from the original group who, surprise, haven't given up after all. The girl and I loose one another and split paths in the dump. At one post while climbing on other bricks of compacted garbage I see no light of a space to wiggle my way into. When I get in it's a group of people that I don't know but I do recognize their "leader". The room is cramped and the leader, who looks like Chase Veccio, reaches out to me. I swat his hand away saying "don't even try, my colony has 200" which kind of implies that even though I'm running from the original group they are actually my group. I wonder what kind of backstory my own dream has for why they are against me now? The leader looks upset and maybe in the verge of violence, that's when I here my original chasers coming. I hiss a whispered "shit" and then work my self out through another small hole in the walled trash room to get out. I escape and my original companion is right along with me again, it's seems she had an easier time since she was waiting for me. As we walk again to reach a colony of people I had no knowledge of before freak me decided it would be a good idea we walk through a strange gated area in front of a school, here are zombies and young children inside. The 12~ children seemed unfazed but also they are struggling to keep the zombies away from each other. Now that I'm awake I wonder why they didn't just open the gate and leave, but for whatever reason in the dream this was something they could not do. The first time we went through we didn't help anyone we just wanted to get through. The second time however we saw a young blond girl whom I told to come with us as we quickly rescued her from a larger then usual hoard of zombies inside the cage. One you finally get past the change there is an old high school. I don't remember anything after this so it must have been where we stoped our journey.