Date: 4/3/2019

By natassja666

In my dream ms. Smith (a teacher I used to have who has since passed away) was accusing me of having stolen something. She was forcing me to let her check in my locker. I was being really defensive and insulted, but really I had a stolen painting hidden on the top shelf of my locker. I know I hung out with my friends kade and maddy a lot in my dream. I believe I was very wild and there was a lot of sex and drinking but I don’t really remember. I remember my boyfriend started hanging out with this gorgeous girl, who was really tall and thin. She looked like a model, and was extremely good at video games. I was extremely jealous and insecure. My boyfriend told me that she said she almost never wears makeup, and he was telling me that I shouldn’t either. I said “well not all of us were gifted genetically” very sassy.