torture :(

Date: 6/24/2019

By rubymay

this was a weirdly specific and detailed nightmare which wasn’t too enjoyable. TW: there’s blood and stuff, it gets pretty graphic at parts so don’t read if that triggers you so i was at school, and the day was over so i was getting my bag. it was taking a while since i was hanging out with friends and talking on my way. once i got my bag i met up with one of my friends. we decided we were gonna go into the city that afternoon, so i texted my dad who was picking me up to pick me up from the city in a few hours. we walked to the city. when we got there we found this cute little store and went inside. after looking around for ages we found a little back door which led to a different room. this room had video games and dvds in it. naturally we spent hours in this room watching dvds etc. it got to 8pm and i was wondering why my dad hadn’t texted or called me yet, so i went out the front of the store and called him. but instead of him answering, my mum did. i was confused but she sounded panicked, and said my dad was brutally beat up by this gang in the city. i had like an out of body experience and saw myself and my friend walking into the city hours before, and behind us was my dad yelling out to me and trying to catch up where i saw the gang came and killed him. i was so upset by this. my mum asked where i was and i said in the city and she told me to get out of there. so i hung up and looked around. my friend came out of the store from the back and i told her we need to go back into the store and hide. we were just about to when we saw there were gang members inside the store now and they were smiling at us. we ran out of the store and down the street. we both started screaming at random people, needing help while these guys were chasing us. at first everyone around us seemed worried but didn’t do anything to help us but then, like some creepy spell or something, they all started chanting what we were screaming back at us, (help us, please etc). by this point i looked over and my friend was gone, i was so frightened i knew i couldn’t outrun these gang members so i stopped, turned around, and said fine, you win. this guy just smiled really weirdly. he shoved me into this cage like thing (still in the middle of the city) and the other gang members came and watched. he started abusing and bashing me, i just remember it hurt so much. this went on for hours. then he turned around and this dog ran up to him. but it looked really feral and dangerous. he told me that the dog likes the smell of blood/meat and that i should run. so i leapt out of the cage and tried to run away, the dog chasing me. [this gets pretty graphic now] i started tearing at my own skin and throwing it away from me for the dog to eat, but it only slowed him down a little bit. i found a restaurant and i ran inside and jumped up on the tables, in so much pain i started throwing food on the ground for the dog, everyone was really confused. but then the dog suddenly became like a normal dog and the guy ran back in saying i could stop, and to come back to the cage. i came back to find two plates of food. both of them were predominantly made of peanuts. he said that they found out that i am deathly allergic to peanuts (i am in real life) and that i was surely hungry. he forced me to eat both plates of food and that’s the last thing i remember from the dream. guess i died :,(