Date: 1/27/2017

By ForgottenIn2015

This dream was about a girl I had alot of feelings for that we almost got together and things fell apart for alot of reasons well beyond my control. I had this dream roughly 6 months after senior year ended. I was walking down the hall of a school I didn't know. By the double doors I saw her, the girl I loved more than anyone else on earth (quite literally, I have alot of family problems with my living family being mostly complete assholes and the rest dead so she was the only one I really cared about), for the purpose of anonymity I'll call her Anna here. So Anna was kinda leaning against the side molding of the right door and looking at me puzzled. To describe her she was short and a tad bit heavier than a normal skinny girl, but in a good way...not no stick figure she had figure to her. Her long brown hair hung behind her. She wore jeans and a generic shirt (which I can't remember the color of). Anna had always in real life had a way of looking at you to communicate. One look could say 1000 words. This look she gave me in this dream was sad and puzzled. Almost as if she was thinking "why wont you talk to me?". I looked at her as I walked to the double doors for an akwardly long time and she just stared back. I kept walking and then I woke up.