game, archaeological site

Date: 5/29/2022

By rembrandt

had a dream i was among a group of people playing some kind of math game, or baseball. some combination of the two games. but it also had trivia. jacob was there and i told him i couldn’t answer the question bc mine had been sitting out in the sun all day. but the question on the card ended up being a message in french from my host mother: it read about something about needing sunscreen all the time in malibu. maybe it was a postcard. another part of the dream i was scaling this massive rock structure on the side of a mountain, was with archaeologists and i was one as well. we found dinosaur bones and huge teeth along the rocks. it was a treasure trove of prehistoric material. me and three other people were climbing the rocks without and hear, just like spider-man or something. no one ever fell even thought the drop beneath the mountain rocks was huge. also the lady who was a guide i guess told us it was also a jewish burial site, and teeth from humans could be found. i think we were in brazil or something. there was a massive structure with slides and things, natural wonder, people were sliding down, and it was converted into a tourist attraction. kind of looked like the hollywood bowl but mosaic on the big stage/structure part. i guess there was water on it. next i was in a hotel room waiting for the rest of our tour group to meet up with us. i was talking to mom, and we were planning to go swimming. i put on a bathing suit and thought it would be too small for me but it was actually too big, and loose around my back and butt area. i kept trying to fix it but it kept a sliding down.