Hello Alone

Date: 9/25/2019

By garyjosiel

We‘re at a young adults event in some kind of school. Two guys are really into Brianna and she isn’t being super shy around them so she ends up getting their instagrams, and all of us scroll through deciding whether or not we’ll let her date them. The first guy is like a mixed guy who‘s good looking but also probably gay, so Nicole decides that Brianna isn’t gonna waste her time with him. The second guy seems pretty normal but all his posts on Instagram are edgy emo memes and it gives me a weird vibe. Even though the girls end up approving of him I go talk to him anyways, and while we’re talking he gets mad that I won’t let him date her right away and pulls out a pocket knife. He tries to shank me and I end up blocking it with my hand and I ask him if he came to church to just pick up girls. He ends up crying and sharing about traumatic events he went through in his life, at which point I hug him and start crying as well. “I know you won’t believe a word I say right now, but it gets better.” // Isaac and I are in what feels like a classroom from middle school playing video games. While we’re playing, he talks about his new job (which I think required him to move away in the dream?). I tell him that it’s been a long time and that I miss him, to which he agrees, and we keep on playing video games.