Lucid Dream: The Metro Train & Getting Ready for the Family Reunion

Date: 7/4/2017

By fluffytree

I find myself in Maryland I think and am just skateboarding down a street that looks very similar to my own neighborhood until I randomly become lucid somehow while looking at the detail in the road. Everything looks soo real! I look at my hands and my environment and it looks as real as real life. I'm still amazed at the detail in lucid dreams even after 11 years of off and on dream journaling just to achieve a small number of them at best. The scene morphs into a different one where I'm in a stairwell at a metro train station going up to one of the platforms. I definitely wanna explore this world before I lose my lucidity or wake up though and not waste what little time I probably have. I go up and immediately see a train coming. It's so abandoned looking and empty. The doors are open when it arrives and there's no one on it. Man it's creepy looking too. I start wondering what it represents in my mind. Doesn't seem like a good sign. Maybe some abandonment or loneliness issue? I dunno, I get on just as it starts moving though and can feel myself losing lucidity but fight to stay in it regardless. Can't remember if I started spinning to remain in it or just concentrated harder but it worked. But it also caused the dream to slightly change too and now I'm on what looks like a bullet train with a moderate amount of people riding. I take it I'm in Tokyo since most are Japanese. Suddenly I get a flashback of a scene from the anime 'Serial Experiments: Lain' where Lain is riding a similar train to school while standing, hears lots of "noise" even though it's quiet and says out loud if people can please shut up. It's interesting because irl if I thought of this it would simply be a daydream that I could easily snap out of and return to reality but since this is a dream, any type of world I focus on becomes the new reality so I was now not only watching, but in this animated world. Unfortunately the dream faded at this point and I went to another non lucid one. Now I find myself at home and it's the dreaded day of my family reunion which is coming up next month in the first week of August. I have some big social anxiety issues so it's been worrying me from time to time since I heard about it from my grandmother who is sorta obligating me to go. Anyway it's Saturday morning and everyone is getting all dressied up. I just wanna get this day over with cos I'm only going for one day only. Kevin (my mom's ex who's been staying over occasionally) is here and coming as well. I wanna get a shower and just get ready fast buuuut as expected everyone decides to take one right when I'm about to and by the time they take theirs it's been an hour and time for us to go. I'd rather not have to drive there by myself since it means I can't hide in the group and make myself look less awkward and nervous. I wonder if I can just go without showering but no, I refuse to do that even though I'm not particularly dirty or anything. My mom is urging me to hurry up as expected which just makes me more nervous. I imagine what the reunion is gonna be like and suddenly my room gets filled with people I know I'm gonna see there like my uncle, cousin Sylvia and so on. They're talking and I barely manage to squeeze out an audible obligatory "hi" while I hang my jacket up in my closet. He chastises me in an offended tone saying, "Aren't you gonna say hello to us?" God I'm so annoyed and don't wanna be here and his tone makes me sad and angry all at the same time. I get so mad I scream a really high pitched scream that sounds like my baby nephew's voice which then brought me out of the mini-dreamlet. They're no longer in my room and I'm alone again getting ready. My mom and crew are pretty much out the door but still around. Hope they didn't hear me just now since that's pretty embarrassing. Maybe if they did they'll think it was from my nephew. I wake up for real at this point though.