To Deceive a Dragon Prince

Date: 5/16/2017

By Keraniwolf

This time, the young royalty in my dream was trans. And so PAINFULLY closeted. Poor girl... and her three siblings, as well. They all had their genders swapped by magic when they were born, for vague political purposes. None of them realized it until their father created magic puppets for them to inhabit on particularly risky missions cause he needed their help to fight a war but couldn't risk losing them altogether. The main character could use this puppet to transform herself into a dragon, even discovering how to fully shift out of her human form. When she was on a mission with her little brother (little sister, to the rest of the world), she encountered a greedy, sex toy selling pervert who inadvertently triggered memories of the gender swap when trying to sell her brother some of his merchandise. He made an off-handed comment about their shared birthmarks, while discussing genitalia, and that was enough to make the prince feel like something was wrong -- like something had been done to her and her siblings against their will. She got super confused over the next few days after recovering the ancient dragon egg that she had originally been transporting (the merchant wanted to sell it for gold, but the prince needed to take it to its proper home among dragons, rather than delivering it to a political ally as her father had commanded), and did a lot of self-reflecting and masturbating, but she couldn't talk to her siblings about her suspicions of foul play and/or magic gender swapping for fear of retribution from their father. After trying and failing to have a secret conversation with at least two of her siblings, the distraught prince realized she couldn't escape her father's magic surveillance without leaving the kingdom entirely. So she inhabited her puppet and left the castle grounds to seek passage to another kingdom. She happened across a young man in a bar while completing the job for her father that she was using as her opportunity to leave. This young man both helped her avoid being caught and tried for murder and informed her that he was a member of a forgotten house. He belonged to a nobility that was kept secret. He led her to his secret kingdom, and the prince was ecstatic to see that it was filled with dragons. The young noble was one of only a handful of humans in the kingdom, who had taken it upon themselves to be the caretakers of dragons. The prince shifted to her own dragon form, and joined her kin on the mountainside. Here, she was able to spend her days as a dragon and feel ever so slightly closer to her true self... though her puppet still could not shift her gender to make her truly herself. She still wasn't sure what gender that would be, anyway. She just knew that her father was responsible for making her male, and making her siblings what they were as well. She knew she could no longer blindly trust her father or his kingdom as she once had. She spent her time studying herself. What she wanted her body to be, what she wanted to be seen as, what she wanted for her siblings, what she wanted to do to her father for the crimes he had committed against her. A few times, she left her puppet to speak with her siblings as well. She hinted at what she had discovered, what their father had done, but only her little brother seemed to begin to understand, and even then... she decided to play it safe and tell her siblings what to say when they inevitably reported to their father. She told them to say that she was investigating a new enemy, winning their trust and spying on them to gain information she would share upon her actual, full-time return to her own kingdom. Her little brother seemed unsettled, and she knew he would try to find a way to contact her later, but her other siblings just seemed suspicious of her. She assured them that she was doing her best for their kingdom, and then returned to her puppet. I wanted to see what she did from there -- whether she discovered how to make the puppet shift closer to her true self, when she finally realized she was a girl, what she did to protect her new home from her old kingdom -- but I woke up, and could only speculate and attempt to fill in the gaps to the best of my ability.