The Bitch deserved to get her purse stolen

Date: 8/17/2017

By contactsilence

This woman represented about 4 different rl individuals. The two sisters at the used car lot harassing me about our car despite a broken agreement by them. Secondly, the dream lady represents the two ladies in my apartment complex who charged us 200$ extra rent for late rent when there was a holiday and i didn't want to pay the 35$ fee to pay online. Both sets of rl characters were being unreasonable and Are a source of stress in what I refer to as part of some ongoing spiritual warfare. This women was middle aged in her 50's with short hair. She was looking about the way I feel with my short hair lately that I don't like at all. I prefer my hair much longer. She sat down next to me in the car and I gave a friendly gesture of a pat on the back as I said hello. She said, well, maybe you wouldn't feel this way if you knew I charged you extra, you must not have heard but sorry I had to do it." Or, something to that effect. I said, oh, I was going to talk to you about that. I was going to find a time to talk to you with my husband, but haven't had a chance. I waked with her some distance in the southeast dream scape. We entered hallways and I continued to explain why we were having difficulty paying. I had at one point entered her home which extended from these series of hallways, much like one would find in an indoor mall, at which time she turned and said, "you can't come in here. You're not allowed in here and you need to leave." She didn't allow me to finish my rationale and she hurried off with some men and apparently had somewhere to be, so I got cut off. I experienced a feeling of humiliation. This dream continues with the other recorded public dream of "Fire Fire 911"