Hacking movie

Date: 5/23/2019

By Aler

Dream was a movie script. In dream, I rennoff to write it down. Then woke up and here I am. Two men are breaking into a military installation. Leader has a key to get into a small room. Played by actor who played zuckerberg. Other follows, protagonist. They crawl behind fencing, keeping low to avoid cameras. I am second burglar, holding flashlight. First has phone with electronics. Connects to some port. Looks at progress bar. We aren’t stealing anything, but instructions to make butane (??). Finished, alarm goes off. We back out. Leave phone on ground, don’t need it anymore. Other hacker says someone else was here first. Before leaving, we see half dozen people enter bunker. Casual, but clearly guards. They just miss us and we sneak outside, pretend to be workers. Someone calls out to us and we pretend not to hear them, keep walking. We enter red van. I jump in back, other takes drivers seat, pushing out sleeping driver. We take off, and are chased. ONE YEAR LATER. Narration says that whatever we’ve done had been incredibly successful. We are in an enormous boat, built up like a futuristic city. Giancarlo Esposito is our manager, explaining something to a team of executives. I don’t care. I get a message from an AI we stole. It has become massively advanced, self aware, and is the one helping us. Gender neutral, played by Asia Kate Dillon. Meta: I wake up and run to my phone to write down the script before I forget. I run through all the events so I don’t forget. I am distracted, and break my fathers glass of juice, making a mess on the floor. This is still a dream, then I actually wake up and actually write down everything I can remember. Here it is. I still feel the urgency to write this down, but in my dream the screenplay was going to make me rich. I had to keep it secret. I don’t think this is true in the real world. It is 4 am, I should go back to sleep. Good night. Whatever I forgot can fade away. Maybe I’ll dream part two. Fragments: electronics that self assemble. Dark underground. Credit sequence. I love the ai. Playing a video game with good teamwork.