Blood chronometers & Mango candy

Date: 6/9/2017

By evyq

First dream of the night: I'm standing with a few doctors/nurses in surgical gowns and caps around a long table. We are painting a 'chronometer' of an old patients oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. The chronometer starts red and ends blue - and yes we are painting using actual blood. During the dream none of this actually strikes me as creepy as it is perfectly normal and safe for the patient to do these kind of blood chronometers. It also looks nothing like actual blood - more like watercolour paint and the end result looks quite pretty. Second dream of the night: I'm tasked to present a pitch on how I'd sell this brand's fruit candy to the eastern market. The 'eastern' market in this dream is not like any part of the actual world I live in - the shape of it on the map is completely different to anything we have on earth, and the names are all foreign though they escape my memory now. In my presentation I recommend not selling this to the eastern market at all as my research has discovered the region is extremely poor, the people there are old and thin. They huddle together wearing threadbare cloaks covering their heads. The cloaks are a kind of gauzy translucent material (not like the sort of head wraps worn by Muslims). I also recommend revamping the product as the shell is extremely tough and the fruit centre is barely discernible.