Stranger and the found money

Date: 5/24/2017

By Purple

My childhood friend Adriene was with me, and we were about to play some sort of game, where we each placed a $1 in a bucket. As we turned around, a man came by and was singing an old song. It was a song I enjoyed, so I smiled at him and sang along. He saw our $2 and took it without asking if it was ours. I could tell Adriene was nervous, but I was cool and observing. As he straightened himself up from picking up our money, a $20 bill fell out, unobserved, and he kept walking away. I gestured for Adriene not to make any sudden moves. I casually bent down, and took the $20 and handed it to my friend. As I handed it to her and looked again, there was another $15 (a $10 and a $5 bill), which I took for myself. Waking note: a few weeks ago, I went to the salon and paid $20 for services which I thought would have been free, but still gave the full $15 tip I intended to give to the hair stylist. I think it's funny that these monetary denominations appeared in my dream now.