Other world

Date: 3/19/2017

By insidemymind

I was travelling through space with an old bearded man who looked like Gandalf. We had left our world and entered a different universe. The planet we landed on was like ours but different. Everyone dressed in a colour that represented their group. There were several groups such as blue for calm and green was earth. It was based on what that groups strongest characteristic was. Gandalf had to leave me as he had a doppelgänger in that world and if it saw him then it would know something was up. I meet a group of young people around my age who I had a water fight with. It turns out you could only water fight with the people in the same group as you, but it was discovered that I was of every group. I was the first one like this- rainbow :p. But I had to eventually pick a group that was my strongest to go with. I was told this by the council who were a mix of all the different groups. As well as this, everyone had an individual ability that made them special- some people could fly, others could always pick out the truth. The council were testing my for mine, they showed me a photo of a little girl. I got a chilled sensation and said 'she isn't of this world anymore'. At first I thought this meant she was like me (which was a secret) then I later discovered that she had died. They had killed her to test me and had buried the body in the jungle. I had to comfort her dad. They were happy they had discovered this ability as they thought it would keep me more in line. I was special and they didn't want me to get too involved. All the time I had to keep the secret that I came from another universe. There were a lot of talks with young beings and council members that I can't remember now. They were very detailed- talks with each individual. When I woke up I was completely soaked with sweat.