Date: 2/25/2019

By ShadowOwl

I was a princess with an older brother names Daniel, and an older sister named Eloise. My parents hated me and my siblings were indifferent so I had ran away. I was wearing a shortish purple dress that was awesome. I was at some school talking with a teacher. I had told the teacher that I was going to take each of the kids to the castle for a field trip. It would cost $8,000 a kid but I was super bitter about my family so I was going to do it anyway. I suddenly got a horrible gut feeling and left the classroom. I then ran when I heard someone behind me running as well. I was knocked out shortly after. I woke up later and met the dude that knocked me out. He was a mercenary of sorts named Leon. Apparently there was a bounty on my head but after he talked to the teacher, he found out that most of the things he had heard weren't true. There was a time skip and I was wearing and awesome orange ball gown. Leon and I had become good friends and we were heading to the capital. We took a strange road and the car broke down. Then there were these weird dark humanoid figures with white mouths and we could see there were many of them all around us. We fled to the best of our abilities but we were both caught. Whoever controlled them also wanted to use us for ransom.