ACOTAR and physic ward

Date: 7/2/2017

By Daydreamer123

Lucien (me) and Tamlin were ridding in the woods to catch someone when a girl fell into the river so Lucien jumped in. When Lucien rode back he lost Tamlin and the dream shifted into a psychiatric hospital. There were lots of doctors and patients there. I was telling myself this was a dream and being tasered a few times.I was in this room with patients siting on chairs doing this weird hand exercises. Then someone(Tamlin?) shouted something about being in a dream and ran out. I followed him, Feyre and Lucien. Outside was empty with dark concrete floors, lamp posts and a lake(Surrounded by the concrete)We all felt happy & free. I shouted 'We all are living in a dream' and we started to shout quotes from the ACOTAR series and jumped into the lake.