Secretly in Love

Date: 7/6/2017

By lightsleeper

I was at a homeless shelter handing out dental supplies and I saw team 10 behind me. They come up to me, vlogging, to see if I'm interested in Anthony, who had called me the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Immediately our eyes lock and it's obvious to everyone in person and on the vlog that we clicked. Jake asks if I know who I am. I said of course; I'm a Logan's Pauler, Brookster, and Chanthion, so they were surprised I wasn't fangirling. They ask me to marry Anthony and I decline because it makes the vlogs boring and the subscribers agree with me. That, coupled with an explanation of my charity that jake promotes the gofundme for, wins me instant popularity with subscribers who want me to create a channel and join team 10. I join and move to LA. Anthony and I have an honest chat about how we both like each other physically but I need to see him work harder and be more driven. I tell him more about me. He says he is falling in love with me. Over the next few months, our channels go viral and pass all the others on team 10 and we stay up late just working and talking vulnerably. He says he is glad I'm making him wait to kiss me. One night I can't sleep and he is still up editing, so he locks the door and we just sleep together, me atop him. We write I love yous on paper. Jake and Erika try to lock us in a room together so I find the camera and Anthony covers it. Once he hits 10 mil we stay in a friends apartment to be together alone. We don't take a car because that would be suspicious so we walk, and a cop car asks us if we need a ride. We kiss and more in the back of the car. When we get back to the house the next morning, all of the team has a therapy session where we all come clean about stuff, including our relationship. Everyone loves us.