Instant Regret

Date: 7/6/2017

By teerific

I had a dream I got married. A nightmare, I should say. During the ceremony, I didn't smile the whole time. He put the ring on me, he looked a lot like my stepdad's brother. We went home, and I took a picture of him, my mom, and my brother sitting together and titled it, "The Moment I Regretted It" the whole time, my mind was generating excuses and reasons to get divorced already. I went out for a drive, I drove way over the speed limit for a really long time, but nobody pulled me over. I'd spaced out for quite some time and ended up at a place I didn't recognize. It looked like the warehouse outside in The Den when she tried to escape. I drove in more until I encountered a group of three people, they looked like they had bad intentions. I got out of the car ready to fight, and one of them stepped forward and began trying to fight me. I beat him down to the ground, broke his nose, and busted his lip. When I hit his chest I realized he had something in his jacket, which I pulled out. It was an album full of pictures of Maddie. I looked at the guy, and he was Maddie. I dragged him to his fellow friends and threw the album at them. Maddie said, "we're all guys" I left. By the time I drove back, it was daytime and I had to go to school. (I was 28 in this dream so idk) I got there and something had happened to upset Savannah so her mom showed up during lunch to shoot comments at everyone. A girl that looks like Kelly from the Office came to sit with me, Savannah's mom said, "So Mindy, does a lesbian like her sandwich with meat and a half?" (i don't fucking know dude) in which Mindy was very hurt and started walking the other way. Eventually my friends came and sat with me, so we started indirectly addressing the mom. She was angry. We got to a classroom and we realized this issue was gonna be bigger and that everyone was gonna be exposed. I tapped the guy in front of me who was a very good friend of mine in the dream and signed to him "Don't tell anyone I'm married". He signed back, "I won't tell." I turned to my brother and did the same thing. I brushed my thumb over my ring finger and realized I was still wearing the ring, I slightly gasped. The guy turned around and signed to me "you almost exposed yourself" then I woke up.