sadness/lions, tigers, and cheetahs🤷🏻‍♀️

Date: 4/17/2017

By lexxx

in one part of the dream i am walking with my family and we walk past an area where hunter is playing soccer. he avoids eye contact. the ball gets kicked out of play and i try to kick it back in but he runs out and grabs it. suddenly i'm on the road with zoe and there is a tiger on the road and i get on zoes back and we go the opposite way. we wait for it to get off the road and then continue going to the area w food and the area that hunter was playing soccer. when we get there zoe is gone and i'm with my family. i see hunter and he is with another girl. they are holding hands and walking down the street. they get to a corner and he says "i'll race you!" and they run away. i text him and basically say that i can't believe he did this again and i can't believe that he lied to me. he puts me in a group chat with him and that girl and he is apologizing to me. obviously that girl does not care how many girls he is with. i stop answering and he starts calling her baby and says fuck i need her (me). he's spamming the group chat and she says keep trying you need your best friend. so i realize that she thinks we were talking in a non romantic way which is not true. next i am in a field with casey and my brother xavier. we are playing baseball. this doesn't last long and next i am on a trampoline and zoe and xavier switch out to be on with me. there are starving lions, tigers, and cheetahs underneath but we don't realize until after we get off. we talk about how the people that own them need to take better care of them. then i wake up.