Aurora & Romance

Date: 6/7/2017

By WiSDoM100

It starts with us walking down a pier. This is the first time we've been together clearly because we're both a bit nervous. But we come to this cliff edge and it looks stunning. I cuddle Aurora from behind and point to aspects of the beach and how it represents her beauty. Then, I turn around and Aurora turns around with me, so now she's positioned behind me, and has her arms wrapped around my neck, and we both lay down with me laying back on her chest/stomach. Then, some lady comes up to me and asks if I'm a Dom, I say sort of, and Aurora pushes me toward her so I take the ladies neck and drag her back so her ass is pressing up against me. I gently caress her neck with my soft lips before reaching down to her pants and rubbing through her panties. As I hear the lady moan I let go, turn her back around, pull Aurora toward me and say "But she's my queen" pointing to Aurora. I tell Aurora let's go and we start walking up a flight of stairs, but the girls won't leave us alone. I have to keep telling Aurora to keep walking because she is stopping a lot. I grab hold of her arm and effectively drag her with me, until we find another flight of stairs. She's being quiet so while we're walking up I ask what I've done wrong. She says she didn't need protected from the girls. I shrug it off and we both walk inside a house. It's relatively small, the only thing in my eye is a white dressed bed with an inner lining of light red cotton. The kitchen is small, and the shower room is even smaller. The door to the shower room is in the corner of the kitchen. I tell Aurora that I love her, she doesn't reply so I turn around and she's asleep on the bed. I slowly take my T Shirt off but she shouts saying I'm being too loud. So, I turn the light off and head toward the shower. Suddenly Aurora's Grandma bursts through the door, asking where our Derby gear is. Everything starts to vibrate before I wake up.