Date: 6/14/2019

By BrujeriaMija

I had the most vivid dream. I felt like I was alone pretty much the whole time. I ended up at a dispensary a little far from home and most of my dream took place here. It was dark and the cases were covered with stickers and greenlit. I knew I couldn’t buy any because I’m not 21, so I asked if I could use their bathroom. The manager took me back to use the bathroom and everyone was in the room with me they were talking about traveling. A bunch of white ppl. It was like a living space in the back with a small kitchen, bathroom and living room. My dream jumps to me getting a ride home from one of them and they turned to a real life friend, Melissa, and her hand had been turned golden bronze tan like Spongebob. She took me home but I woke up after that. Went back to sleep and I was at the dispo again but we were all eating and having a good time. My whole family was there. I was sitting in front of my mom and there wasn’t enough seating for us all so we had to go. For some reason I was running for an important position of power in my city and the mayor (who was the principal from Daria) rebuilt the road for me bc she thought I would commute better. Idk dreams are weird like that. Dream jumped to me and my cousin Sam walking into a Walgreens or Walmart type store, and they had all sorts of new brat dollz. I was gushing and freaking out bc they don’t sell them in stores anymore. I tried to buy a bag of chips but my card kept declining. All the sudden it turned into a class and Bernie Sanders was teaching. He asked us to make a quick little fiction book. All the desks were full of ppl I knew IRL but I can’t remember exactly who was there besides the boy I love. The desks had my clothes in them for some reason and Bernie was asking people to present their books. I was just trying to change my clothes. So I grabbed some clothes and turned a hallway, but as I was doing so Lana Del Rey was presenting her book. That hallway became the hallway in my home so I went to my moms bathroom to change. I had three bras on for some reason and was able to get comfy after taking them off. I also had braces for some reason even tho my teeth have never needed braces, and I had two new mouth piercings. All this metal was bothering my mouth so I decided I would take off my braces and piercings. I did with no problem but when I looked at my teeth they were spaced out and so ugly. I felt like my face was swollen and I panicked and asked my mom what happened to my teeth. She said oh well. I ran out to my cousin and she had been talking with the boy I love about me. I couldn’t remember what they were saying but I watched him leave. As he was leaving he appeared to be dressed like Frida Khalo and dancing his way out. Idk DREAMS YA KNOW. Then I woke up...