Lucid dream💭

Date: 3/3/2017

By x_Hannah_x

My first lucid dream.Ok so basically....I was on top of an extremely high building (like a skyscraper)And it was insanely windy.I was petrified!I glanced down at my hands and they started fading away?I thought to my self that this couldn't be real so I looked at my hands again and they were gone!Thats when I told my self I was in a dream.From then on I was lucid.Then I thought if I'm in a dream I could just jump of but what if I'm not I would for sure die.But in a way I knew for sure It wasn't real.I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith I fell so fast it was unreal I was screaming and shouting and it never ended I just kept on falling (It felt my like the feeling you get when you jump of a diving board if that makes sense)I eventually reached the ground and I sunk right through and landed in a jungle I was so astonished and exhilarated on what the mind is capable of that's when woke up to the sound of my alarm.... Have you ever been lucid ? :/