The Monster fighting school/ Bear Attack

Date: 4/4/2017

By ElriSt

The dream started at an acting school where my acting class was practicing to shoot a makeout scene in a car and then later in the scene a creature attacks the car. However, in between takes we were all fooling around on the set and the one guy in the class kissed me as a joke while we were in the stage car. Suddenly, we hear a terrible scream. Everyone thinks that it is a part of the scene but I instinctly lock the doors of the car and hear scratches on the side of the car. The others run to fight the creature and it turns out to be a real werewolf and my classmates have certain powers which can help them fight the werewolf. Unfortunately they do not survive the attack. I, along with the other survivors are recruited into a Monster Hunting Training Program. In my class are various other students, inculding the know-it alls Maxine and Adam and the gorgeous and talented Matt (Bare in mind Matt looks like my ex.) It is clear that Adam has a crush in Maxine but she only has eyes for Matt. It makes me terribly jealous. Our classes take place in a fancy and antique restaurant/ hotel with a courtyard near the kitchen. Our trainer, who resembles Argent from Teen Wolf, leads us to the kitchen and tell us that a were-bear has stumbled into the courtyard and that he is going to use this as a training opportunity. Were-bears turn invisible in direct sunlight and in contrast to white snow. My class takes turns to go out into the snow in little groups. Werebears are very sensitive to noises and I see the other groups fail and some of them get devoured. I hesitate before going out because the snow had started to melt. I see the figure of a half-dressed young women in the snow, presumably the werebear's human form. We cannot yake her on like this. It starts to snow again and I am grouped with others inculding Maxine, Adam and Matt. I tell the others to turn off their phones and to be very quiet and we head out with me on front. Halfway out the door I hear one of them fall behind me. Bear footprints appear in the snow infront of me as the invisible bear prepares to attack. "Run!" Matt pulls me bakc and we scatter back into the kitchen. I hear the bear behind me. We slam the door closed and Matt pulls out a gun and shoots blindly through the door. Through the window I see blurs of the beat and footprints. I ask Matt to toss the gun at me which he does. I take a shot through window and hear a roar and thunding paw prints. "Get down." I take anothet shot as the giant bear crashes through the window jumping over me. Chaos erupts in the Kitchen as the bear ravages through it. It become clear that it is looking for me. Angery that I have injured it. I slide through an open door and run up a few flights of stairs hearing the bear behind me. Once I got to the top I slide between the different barristers in the stairs, knowing it will take the bear longer to get down. Once on the ground floor (the kitchen) I try to get everyone to leave the building but no one is listening to me. Eventually they do an we evacuate the building despite some people waiting to stay and cook. I can't find Matt anywhere and I am terrified that something happened to him. After all he saved my life. I run through the hotel, clearing even though people don't want to leave because they have work to do. A run into a girl from my class who claims that she has read what happens at the end of the bear attack and that Adam and Maxine end up together and that Matt and I should try to be together. I hear a shot ring through hotel and cheers. I run to the kitchen where I see the bear dead at Matt's feet.