Elijah Gets Beat Up

Date: 7/6/2017

By izoomify

Elijah is a person in my school who thinks he's all that bullying people that he knows are pussy because he's a pussy himself anyways not with me. We were going up the staircase. I woke up over an hour ago so I can't remember much just that I gave him or showed him my sandal and he threw it at my face not that hard though then I felt like it was real life but I didn't know I was dreaming so once that sandal hit my face the rage I had last night dying in black Ops 3 by campers and brecci then I kept punching him in the face as hard and fast as I can all he did was cover his head and hide behind ms Garcia cause she was holding me back by putting her hand on my chest but I was still able to reach him and get punches anyways after that I bragged to everyone saying he's a Pussy I beat him up he didn't Fight back to my x girlfriend who used to like him and to the cool kids and to Erick I said "That reminds me of when I beat up Elijah he's pussy all he those is bully people that are pussy" Erick Said " Oh Aii"