Shoplifting • random gas station with ugly as fuck man

Date: 5/19/2017

By madnewman13😼

My friend and I were at this random huge store. We were dating each other to steal something from it. We came to a phone aisle where all the new technology was. There I saw the brand new IPhone 7, just laying there, like it was calling me (get it? Calling me? Its a phone... Okay I'm done). So I decided to take it. I quickly grabbed it and stuffed it in my bra ( I had no pockets in this dream I guess). So then my friend decided to take a juice box. "Really? A juice box?!" I say to her. "What? I was thirsty!" So then the next part occurs next to this random old gas station. This very ugly man came out and started asking me questions. "Why did you come here? Who are you?" He asked. I just stared at him and said, "You're as ugly as fuck," and walked away. Honestly, he was tho! He had a giant nose with 2 wart on his face. His eyes were dark and he had scraggy hair. I said what was on my mind... 😁