Creepy doll

Date: 7/19/2017

By Sweetdevilprincess

I see the doll and I know there's something weird about it. I throw it down stairs and slam the door I walk back in the room and grab its stand. I open the door and see the doll crawling and then drop on the steps. I scream and grab it and bash its face in. The face shatters and is all over. I throw it back downstairs and tell Justin. He calms me down and we go to bed. I can't sleep well and I see the door open and the doll come in. And grab its face pieces and try to put them back together. In the morning I see it on a shelf and I grab it. I tell it that I'm not scared of it. Whatever it tries to do is just a good story to tell. "bite my thumb off. I don't give a shit. Sure it'll hurt like hell but I'll make sure it hurts you more"