The Great Found Family Trope

Date: 7/26/2019

By MercurialNight

I got hired for a new job along with my good friend at local owned video game shop. As is typical, I don't know any of the people in the dream in real life but we have established relationships in the dream. In this one, I started out knowing that one friend, a boy with a backward baseball cap and black hair, a really happy and social person. In the the dream our ages were younger than mine in real life, I was abt 17 and he was maybe 15. He got a cashier job when he, for some dumb but altruistic reason, tried to help out by ringing up an impatient customer while the other cashier was busy. He messed up the register bc he didn't know what he was doing, but the cashier appreciated his desire to help and willingness to try. I guess they hired me as an add on/general worker. At the end of the day I expect everyone to go home right? But they shut down the store and stay there, making dinner in the break room oven and gathering on the huge sectional couches in the back corner of the store. There are a lot of them, all mid- to late teenagers. They live here. None of them have other places to go. My friend and I stay that night, and he fits in immediately, becoming friends with most of them quickly; he acts like he's always been there. I like them all a lot too. They talk and laugh for a long time before we sleep. Everyone stays on the couches to sleep, overlapping with each other in the limited space, but it's comforting to be so near each other. My memory starts to get fuzzy from here. I think that we end up discovering there is a rivalry going on with another street group. Like Cats the musical or something, another 'clan' that we fight with. No idea why. We have to uncover secret plots and things and it's really cool. I was more quiet and reserved, dexterous but not strong, but amazing at stealth and speed and good in a fight. I became one of the stronger support pillars of the group, protecting them and fending off rival gangsters. The oldest in our group was kind of a leader and I became friends with him, working almost as his right side. He had a gentle hand with us and a strong hand against enemies, but in both cases was always calm. The store shifted and became bigger later on, but we all still worked in it. There was some vague impending Big Threat and a kind of disaster occurred, where I had a weighty part to play in damage control and fending it off, but I can't remember the details of any of it. I spent so long trying to dream more of it that I slept till like 1pm.