My Father

Date: 6/8/2017

By madnessxreturns

In this specific dream, it was my dad, my step mom, and me living in a more luxurious house than we do now. More rooms, more space, it was all going heavenly. Then, my dad got me a pet, a dog named Bell. I raised her (a big time jump) and when she got of age, I wanted to breed her. My father, reluctantly, agreed. He started setting up appointments for me to meet potential studs, and I found one that I really liked. The stud lived with my family for a month, as we tried breeding, but one night my dad got very mad and started drinking. He's an alcoholic. He began getting abusive towards me, and I took it all, trying to protect my dog and the stud. When he realized this, he began abusing the two mutts. Hitting them, kicking them, doing anything and everything to hurt me. My step mom just laughed. When I started getting physical back, he told me I fucked up. He scooped Bell up in his arms and carried her over to a large drop point in the house. Directly below him was stairs. It was about a 4 story drop. I began crying hysterically, asking for him to stop. He didn't. He tossed Bell over the side of the stairs, I vividly remember the thud of her body hitting the stairs and the crack of her bones. I kept crying. Trying to go down the stairs to see if she was still alive. She wasn't.