School with cesar // House parties // Mario running

Date: 8/3/2017

By LegacyJM

I'm at school and once again, there seems to be a change in my schedule. Either that or it's the first day of school, but I think there was a change in my schedule. I would go to my 4 classes every other day hoping I wouldn't get them mixed up. There's this one class I remember specifically, and it involved reading, sort of like the library. I remember the bell rang and I was putting all my stuff inside my locker, my wallet and my phone. I remember I was in a classroom that I just got to and I had nothing to do because I left my phone in my locker. I was wondering why did I leave it there if I always take it with me. I started to look around and there was this girl just staring around with her head down. I then went downstairs to lunch and met up with cesar. Then we started talking and cesar said "man I'm so hungry, can you pay for me" and I said "sure, just come with me to mrs... I forgot her name, and let me get my stuff" and he said "ok". When we went upstairs to her room, she wasn't there so I opened up my locker and got my stuff. Then we were waiting for her to come back so we could ask her. Meanwhile we started to fold clothes and I was fixing a stack of folded clothes but it was going to the side. After a while, cesar said "can we go now?" And I said "oh yeah sure" and the teacher was there now. I walked up nervously to her with cesar behind her and I asked her "mrs can we go to our lunch break" and she just shook her head yes but didn't look at us at all. Cesar and I were relieved and quickly made our way back down the stairs. There was a party at my house and I remember that I was in the backyard and I don't know what I was doing but then some dogs started to bark at me. There was like 4 or 5 dogs barking at me and it seemed like I was intruding the house or something. It looked like they were going to bite me so I quickly jumped on this black truck that was parked by me. Then I think one of the dogs starting talking and asked for a toy, and I pointed and said that it was in the side of the truck. While the dogs went over to check it out, the people in the party started to come to the backyard to see what was going on. I quickly jumped off the jump and went over to the gate/fence, opened it, and went inside. Wendy was there and I think her kid too, and asked if I knew what was going on or if I knew who was outside in the backyard. I said no and pretended to be doing some stuff. Then I went outside of the house and I saw more families throwing parties in their backyards. Somehow their backyards were now their front yards. I then met up with one of my cousins, I forgot who but I know it was one of my cousins. We started talking and I walked over the corner and when I made eye contact with one of my other cousins in the other party, he was grilling something, food I guess, and then he raised his spatula and pointed at me, as soon as we made eye contact. I started laughing and told my cousin. Rosie was there near us, and I could feel her staring at me but I didn't look at her because I didn't want to seem like I wanted her too much. Then I remember I told my cousins what happened and with Rosie still staring at me, I started to laugh again and making the face Alejandro makes when he laughs. I remember I was playing a Mario game and I guess I became Mario after a while and I was running fast through these speed mats like in Mario kart and I was jumping and dashing and thinking how I used to be better at this game back in the day and how I'm still good but I'm a little rusty and how I need to get good again just like I was before.