Savior or something

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

All I can remember was that I was in my house, and there was another woman and little boy there. Something happened to upset the woman, I can't remember what it was. I do remember her shooting a gun at me while I was holding the little boy, but when she shot it it's like time slowed down, and I was able to knock the bullet out of its path towards me with my hand, and it left just a tiny scrape. At another point in the dream I deflected a bullet from hitting her with a chair, I think it was like a small plastic chair. But when she got mad I knew she was going to kill that boy, so I took him and ran down my driveway, and I yelled at my neighbor across the street who was just this white guy even though there are Hispanic people that live there in reality, but I couldn't cross the street because there was traffic coming through, and I was trying to yell over it and tell the man what was happening with this woman who is trying to kill us. He still couldn't hear me so I had to wait for traffic to go before I ran across the street to him, and luckily I don't think the woman saw me go into the guys house, but he let me inside with the boy to keep him safe and I remember looking out his window and seeing a car pull up and then back away and I thought it was the woman but I could see that it was someone else who also had this little boy that looked just like the boy I was holding and I knew somehow that it was the boy I was holding's twin and that they were both possibly in danger so I told the man that the woman needed to come back here with that boy as well and that's all I can really remember