Date: 6/8/2017

By xeeps

I had another dream that I went to this lady who was an expert at ancient tattoos. The one thing they didn't tell me was how she did it. So, I go in and she says my name then tells me welcome, and has me sit down in a bed. then I start getting shooting pains in my hand and in my mouth. I cough and I feel something, and that's when I notice that I have a mouth full of fucking needles, so I kinda scream, and she says it's normal. But that's shit isn't normal, I guarantee. so I start licking then out of my mouth, and I got them all. So she takes my hand with all the needles and it kinda hurt because she want gentle, and then started yanking them out. Everytime she pulled out a needle she would tell me something about myself, or give me some wise advise. It started to hurt so much I had to stop. Then my mouth started to hurt, and needles were in it again, so I opened my mouth, and she was pulling them out. One hurt extra bad, and it turns out that it was underneath a tooth, so it came out with the needle and I screamed while she tried to convince me that it was normal ND that it was a baby tooth. So I got them all taken out, and I ran away so fast. I went to sleep in my dream, and when I woke up, my tooth was still gone. Then I really woke up. I was so freaked out, I had to actuay check.