The station and the copy of me

Date: 4/2/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

Matthew, other people and I were waiting a train at one of the usual stations. The ticket seller told us to get the one that would be there at midnight. We spent a lot of time with other, sitting on a marble thingy on the wall. I smoked a couple of cigarettes that seemed already smoked in the package and were slightly thinner. At a certain point we went away from other and sit on a wall of concrete. There were voices everywhere that were telling me "he is son of a business man, he'll be a business man" and we spent some time there. Then the scene moved to a sunny house, I don't know whose house it was but it looked a little bit like George's. There was Andrew with me but I don't know if Matthew was with us too. I started viewing those super-modern houses like I was flying between them. Those were skyscrapers. Then the scene moved again to my house. There were Matthew and his parents and my mum, maybe someone else too. I was changing clothes in the bathroom and Enrich looked at me and said something like "How is it possible you are here?" and started talking with my mother and she came too telling "It's impossible, she's right before my eyes!" I went out of the bathroom to see them all sitting on the couches and there was another me. There also were their ones but they didn't seem to notice.