Saving Mamma

Date: 6/11/2017

By jacentaaa

The dream starts out at Mammaw's house. She's being mean as always. We're all getting ready for a trip to Dolly wood. But it was much farther away than it should be and we had to catch a plane to get there. I'm in Mammaw's room packing clothes. She had washed them for us. I can't remember what she did to make me go off but I did. Finally I told her face to face that she was mean to us and that's why no one came to see her or wanted to talk to her. I told her she complains all the time, she insults us, belittles us, sometimes she physically harms us. Lol She says she didn't know that we felt that way and she would try to change. Then she proceeds to try to burn me with the hot iron as a joke. I tell her that's not funny, that's mean and exactly what I'm talking about. There's a chunky baby in the floor. Who's talking to me. I keep asking it questions that I've already asked and the baby is annoyed bc I don't remember asking or the answer. Weird. I'm aggravated with my grandma so I just grab my backpack and leave to go meet jamel, my mom, dad, Rhonda, and Jacob at the bus station to go to the airport and catch our flight. I get on the bus and sit next to jamel. The bus takes off before he can ask where our big bag with all our clothes in it is. I immediately remembered that I was so irritated with Mammaw that I left our bag on her bed! We had no clothes except the ones we were wearing. I do the math. This bus ride was $6 /person. Then the ride back will be $6. Then the next ride is $6. And we'd probably miss our flight and have to pay more. Ugh, I was upset. I asked my dad if we can have the driver turn the bus around or if they can drop me off. At that time, a horrible storm broke loose. It started pouring rain. Thundering and lightening. The bus driver can't see so we have to stop at this large travel center. I was relieved thinking we could go back for our clothes. The main building had these huge floor to ceiling windows. You can see all kinds of vending machines inside. My mom says she's starving and takes off running towards the machines through the rain. I look up past the building and see a tornado coming down towards us crossing the mountains. (Which I'm pretty sure is impossible but still terrifying) I freak out. I have to save my mom. Daddy, Rhonda, and Jacob had made it to the shelter in the back of the building. I tell jamel to follow them and I run after my mom who is standing in this lobby contained by nothing but glass windows. She's arguing with me. She's waiting on her Nutter Butter cookies to fall and I'm grabbing her arm trying to pull her to safety. I look up and see this giant tidal wave coming in the opposite direction of the tornado straight towards us. I grab her away from the vending machine and tell her we're going to have to swim. I have my PFD in my backpack? I put it on her and tighten it. I'm holding Jamel's credit card in my hand. I'm trying to get it in my backpack as we're running. Then the glass breaks and I hear the water. We make it through these huge steel doors that barely close behind us before the water gushes in. We're safe. I'm like mid panic attack when my mom looks at me all calm, cool, and collected and asks "Where's your bag of clothes?" 😂 I tell her that I got into an argument with Mammaw and I told her the truth about herself. My mom said oh you must send me a screenshot of those texts. And I said no, i did it in person. Face to face. My mom said she was proud of me for sticking up for myself and facing her in person. Then I get an alert on my phone saying our flight was delayed until 5:05pm. Our original flight was 6AM. Dollywood closes at 7pm! The whole trip was a waste! I start complaining to my dad and he says oh well, we're going anyway. There's a band called KungFu playing tonight and with a $1 margarita special. 😂 I thought, I love Kung Fu! I was about to call out of work for the next day when I woke up.