what an adventure!

Date: 5/30/2017

By jevan

i was performing with ariana grande outside. Actually I think it was Bebe Rexha but she had famous cameos for her performance like kylie jenner and scarlet johanson walking round aimlessly. Ariana was featured. and for some reason the stage was surrounded by a hedge with a little archway in it so the crowd could barely see we were at the bbmas and when we finished the crowd didnt cheer because they were too distracted by future and amber rose arriving. So we stormed off the stage and i started running inhumanly fast through a suburban neighbourhood and all the colours are really vibrant. its kind of like minecraft. I bump into Eugene from buzzfeed and we sprint up this vertical slope to the top and a few other buzzfeed people are there like zac and kelsey. The grass is bright green and once we reached the top you could see a beach on the other side of the hill. At the top there was this small floating bit of earth and i climbed it and stood on it. Then i sprinted and forward-rolled down the hill to a beach. Next thing i know, I'm swimming 'home' with my friends in this overgrown jungle river. We're all discussing the awards show. The current gets too strong and i get swept away but luckily Megan, Liv, and Bryan create a human chain and reach out and catch me. Liv literally drags me until I'm completely out of the water even though its shallow. We walk through to a clearing and its like a schoolyard. But there are loads of chickens in the way. I exclaim "i hate chickens" so Liv saves me yet again and shoos them with her foot. Except one who seems in a daze so she taps it on the head slowly but it still doesn't notice even though its being squashed by this point. So she scoops it away and the path is clear. Then, I'm inside this house and i am talking to this couple who are like father figures to me and they start saying that I should make a move to the next town because the quests are too hard for me in this town. I go to the bus stop and I immediately notice that theres a group of friends inside talking who are really attractive, the guys and the girls. I join them and they seem pretty eager for me to join. I recognise some of them from the river and I think Kylie Jenner is one of them. But they are genuinely nice people. We start playing truth or dare and somehow one guy dies under a pile of cardboard after coughing up an eyeball. (not his own). But nobody notices. We dare another girl (Sherrie from 13 reasons why, actually come to think of it, i think it was like all the characters from that show) we dare her to get changed in the bus stop while we are outside. When we walk back in we find her covered in blood and think shes faking it and then we find the dead guy. The eyeball is wriggling over to this big cuboid of body fat that came from Sherri. This is when we realise that we are all going to die and that someone is being made from all of our body parts. I wake up.