Full action dream, crazy shit..

Date: 1/20/2017

By Zerox7

Im in a world where i was a member of tactical forces squad, and we are attacking somekind of talibsn base and shit, and i cover from top of the tower, with my silenced rifle, and i manange to nullified the boss, and we arrest him immediately but on the way i ended up killing him for some reason, and i arrived in this gun storage area, and they want me tompick a gun, and so i pick the ak47 but funny thing is the tip was orange colored just like an airsoft gun, and we gather om our command center and we are going to strike their base again, and i will cover from the roof with one of my teammate, and when we arrived, my teamate start to repack his briefcase and assembly his heavy riffle, while I cover my teamate who attack them down there, we got compromised and my team right below got into a heavy gun fight and was pinch, and i was sourunded by the melee taliban, they coming from the stairs on my right and another stairs from behind, my friend was pretending not to move, so they all attacking me, and they not hestitage to try to kill me, and i shoot them from the closer one, and i run out of bullet and i took out my knife, i manage to kill a couple of them but i got overwhelmed by their number, and they keep saying, you are the one qho killed our leader hussein over and over meanwhile they keep trying to land a slash on me. so i decided to run and jump down from the roof and try to escape, but when i jump they kinda throw a rope but from somekind of long garment and manage to catch my feet, its a high roof, so in mid air i try to release my feet but them i already almost reaching the ground, and somehow i succeed to release my feet and use the rope garment to srping and hold my drop when i touching the ground, but surprisingly it was one. Elastic material ever, so the redult it bounced high to the air and i fell in the ground not far from that spot, but heavily and i can't seems To get up, omg,  i was like 5 meter from the forest where i can escape.  But then i wake up.