Mother Marianna

Date: 4/27/2017

By ItsLucidity

So I forget all of my dreams except one, so me and my friends went camping last weekend. ( that's real) so my dream sorta was like there was a group of maybe 6 people I think. The protagonist, his buddy, and a boyfriend of one of the girls, then there were also three hot girls they were going camping in this creepy open area that was open but only like the size of an average house and they were pretty far away from civilization there were woods surrounding them. So pretty much there was this sort of spirit called Mother Marianna that would possess the people and would force them to go worship this old beat up TV in the woods. She was able to do that by possessing them then luring them to it. One guy and one girl got possessed. It's been awhile since my dream but the whole story sort of played out like a horror movie especially since I was third person all the "angles of shots" were creepy. The area got suddenly misty and foggy and everyone was pretty terrified. They were all trying to figure out ways to not get possessed but for some reason they didn't just leave they tried to sleep but had one person stand guard. But then the boy and girl that had been possessed came back and tried to attack them, the guy tried to wake the people who were asleep to no avail for some reason and he ended getting possessed himself. Then right when the last guy and two girls should have died my dream cut. It went to a YouTube video, I'm really mad because I knew there was a name to that channel in my dream but I've never seen the channel on YouTube. But basically he talks about something then his video ends and it cuts to Corpse Husband’s (a horror YouTube channel) outro. It doesn't say or show it in my dream but I'm pretty sure my protagonist, they guy with the YouTube channel, I'm pretty sure he sacrificed all of his friends in exchange for his own safety...