Innocent Troy

Date: 1/26/2020

By DreamWeirdo

I had a dream that I was in this blockbuster by my house. They sold everything there. Movies that were old, books, I remember seeing some scary ones. I then came upon files. It was all of the work that every single child had done in the elementary schools nearby. It was a discovery. My file was already out. I saw random assignments that I did for my teacher and I saw journal entries that I wrote about my family. I remember going to a restaurant that was playing house music only at a specific time for people who wanted to listen and eat. I sat there waiting for some friends and I kept these assignments. I went home quickly but decided to visit my old school where I saw myself playing on the playground. I began to cry. I was so freaked out at how innocent I was. I was crying so hard on the swing set, watching myself play. I wanted to protect him with everything. I wanted to make sure the teachers took care of him before I left. He was so cute and innocent and just wanted to play. I was crying 70% of this dream. I went back to Blockbuster and retrieved more work that my younger self had done. My friends were getting inpatient and the music was playing in the restaurant. I remember also leaving and going up and down random hills that were near my old house.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to be about your desire to go back to a more innocent time in your life. You appear to be longing for a time before you had to worry about the responsibilities of adulthood, and when all you had to do was play and enjoy the simple things in life. The work you retrieved from the Blockbuster could be symbolic of the knowledge and experiences you have gained since childhood, and the fact that you wanted to take it back with you could be a sign that you want to hold on to those experiences. The hills you went up and down could also be a sign of your desire to revisit the past, as hills are often symbolic of progress and growth. Ultimately, this dream may be reflecting your desire to return to a simpler, more carefree time in your life.