i make horrible music with james charles and ariana grande

Date: 5/20/2019

By squidward

i was outside walking to the car and was getting ready to drive to school even though i haven’t gone to school for years, but okay. i made three songs that i listened to in the car on three separate mornings. the first one just sucked. it was awful. the second one was okay and it had a james charles and ariana grande sample incorporated into it somehow. the third one was decent and the best out of the three. on the second morning, i was in the car looking at the bushes in front of me. there was an egg stuck behind the bushes and the birds and ducks were trying to get it out. the ducks ended up using their beaks to stab it. it was so gross bc the egg was fine, but a bug came out of the egg instead of a bird. halle would send messages to my laptop and she would watch me through the car window because she thought i could see messages to my laptop on my phone and thought i was ignoring her. yeah, i totally was ignoring her bc she was right, i could see the messages. i got to the end of my driveway and turned the car and i parked the car just to text her that i was “boutta whip”