Different house, neighborhood, car

Date: 4/22/2019

By Oneironaut1111

I always dream I’m moving into a new house, but this time I’m in a different house, yes, but I need to go somewhere and my car won’t start. I “borrow” a neighbor’s car without asking. Also white like mine in the dream. The key was in it I think. I was working in some kind of builders supply warehouse. A man bullied me while I was waiting in line and another man stood up for me. I realized I was walking around without my shoes. I try to backtrack to find them. I ask a woman if she’d seen any large women’s shoes. I could not figure out how the stairs worked down from the mezzanine I was on and I had to do all kind of machinations to get down to the door. Next I am waiting in the car outside a local high school bidding on a pin shaped like the Earth on eBay. “Earth” was also outside my window in the sky like the moon. I kept trying to reach my husband by phone & laptop to come take me home. I couldn’t reach him, then I realized, I was sitting in a car—I could find HIM! So I drove the short way “home” but it was dark and all locked up. I looked out the right (passenger) window and the “Earth” was making sweeping circles and s-shapes in the sky; then it turned into a Phoenix shape. I remembered the pin and wondered if I’d won it. I left the car in my driveway and then saw it was missing—the neighbor had parked it at her house & was going inside without speaking to me. Oh that’s right, it was hers. I looked at the white car in “my” driveway—they looked about the same. I commenced trying to get my husband to hear me and let me in. The whole long boring dream was accentuated by a feeling of being a bad person, insufficient, and someone no one cared about. The latter is true but I’ve always tried to be good and worthy.