Hearing my favorite song, seeing Rhianna, and the strangest bathrooms ever!

Date: 5/9/2017

By madnewman13😼

I was on some sort of small lake with a bunch of large mansions on it. It was in the middle of a large city. Apparently, my grandparents owned a mansion and were there! "I had no idea you could afford a mansion-no offense- but wow!" I told them. It was evening at the time and the lake was lit up with a bunch of lights. It was actually really cool. I found myself riding a scooter or skateboard of some sort. My grandma was blaring music, and played my favorite song, "Galantis No Money." I was actually enjoying my time there! So then I went to the city surrounding the lake, finding myself having to pee. "I wonder where a bathroom is...?" I wondered. I found a bathroom sign and followed it, finally finding a bathroom. But this bathroom was NOT normal. It had no privacy whatsoever. The toilets were lined up against the wall with no stalls or anything. The sinks were in the middle of the room. Three people were using the bathroom, all spaced out. I decided NOT to use the bathroom. I came out, finding singer Rhianna talking to this man about a new song and how the lyrics are placed. There wasn't even a large crowd or anything around her. It was just like she was a normal person. Now I had to go bad, so I found another bathroom that was actually normal! I relieved myself and walked out, happy it wasn't like the last one I visited... 😶