Glass Swords and PyeongYang

Date: 7/1/2017

By KristanLeigh

Well, I got a lot of sleep last night. In fact, all I did last night was sleep and now I feel really sore from it. Anyways, I wound up having a series of dreams. In part 1 of my dreams, there was a madman turning people into little silver monopoly pieces and quarters, basically anything with silver content in it. From there, some of the pieces would turn into glass. Eventually he had enough of these pieces to craft a very fine sword that was very powerful, and very scary. Around that time I was back in the United States visiting my family when I stepped into the Dojo and saw this sword. I immediately knew what it was--that this was a magical sword built from people and evil alchemy. I resolved to destroy it with my old Sensei (who looked nothing like my old Dojo master in real life). As I destroyed the glass and silver sword, the man who made it came walking in and cried out in anger for me to stop. For some reason, I was the only one who could destroy this sword. The whole time period was modern, but at the same time it felt like feudal Japanese times and both of my brothers were in white Gis, also known as Dobuks or karate uniforms, while I was in my standard White Dobuk top and a pair of black Aikido hakama pants, showing my rank as a Dan, or black belt. I think it was because of my status as a Dan that I was able to destroy the sword. The sword master was angry and grabbed the hilt of the sword, then turned it into a switchblade knife. He started running through a forest and cutting trees to see if it still contained its magic properties, but it didn't. Somehow, I had saved my city from a terrible evil. In the second part of my dream, I was accompanying the wing commander to a Korean Peninsula, known as PyeongYang in my dreams (in real life PyeongYang is not a peninsula.) For some reason the Wing King had a lot of grey hair and blue eyes like Gandalf. Anyways, I had my photo equipment with me and for another strange and unknown reason, we were treading water to get there. All my camera gear was getting wet but it was apparently waterproof. I was trying to take an award winning picture of a mosque in the background of PyeongYang, and some stills of the commander, but every time I would try, I could never get the shot. I also saw some very unusual, pink looking North Korean jets in the background but I had no idea what they were doing. There were American Airmen walking around everywhere in normal clothes, and I wanted to shout to them that something was going to happen and to leave, but I couldn't. That's all I remember, but if I can think of anything else, I'll jot it down in here.