Weird ass moon

Date: 8/27/2017

By chilipeppa

Dreamt that it was late evening and my porch was thrice as long, and it stretched out all the way to the driveway alongside the house and was really tall. And and there were benches near the railing on either side like a boardwalk. I was sitting on one watching the sky because i guess we were having a moon watching party because the moon was supposed to be especially big that night. But it was fucking creepy... like the moon was GINORMOUS. and it was spinning around and it had all these knobs protruding out of it like wine corks... and my mom was like wait what's that tho? And she pointed towards this other small moon right next to it and everywhere was like wtf. The sky was really purple And it was all so beautiful tho I can't describe it. Next thing I know we're on the porch again but having like a class of 2018 party i guess? Everyone from school was sitting around with their parents on the porch around these circular white tables and someone set the food is only for the kids so we all stampeded towards this one food table which had thin mini pizzas and chocolate cake and everyone was fighting. Next part of my dream was fucking weird. There was this small triangular chip that I had that had a face and a mind of its own, but these bad people were trying to take it away from me. they took us to this field with a Native American teepee on it, and inside the teepee they were terrorizing me and trying to get me to give them this chip so they could hurt it. I was with someone else who I guess turned into Ilana from Broad City. She was like, to escape we need to blow a giant gum bubble and then cut a whole into it so it pops us out of here, which seemed so logical in the dream lmao. So she blew this huge pink bubble that covered the whole inside of the teepee, and directed me to cut a perfect triangle in the bubble, and i guess it worked but next thing you know we're outside. But then this cop shows up. I go up to him and I'm like you need to arrest these bad people for trying to hurt this chip because it's a living creature. And he's like wtf are you talking about and at this point and I'm crying Next part of my dream im sitting on the floor of my room organizing these colorful beads and Keyana is sitting across from me. She was telling me about some project she just did with Norman Bates (who apparently went to BHS in this dream and it didn't phase me??) and I asked if he was smart and she was like yeah he's actually hella smart and I'm like wow. Nice. And then I was like I need you to introduce me to him. And that's the end of my dream