NCIS sleepovers and fancy restaurants

Date: 1/29/2017

By Stephenonly

I woke up in a very large modern home somewhere in FL. House was right on the water with boats in the backyard. Hard to explain, but they didn't really look like boats. More like floating castles. I then went inside to take a shower and was greeted by my roommates. They were all cops in a special under cover division. Next thing I know we are all in a restaurant talking to the owner. There were gunshots outside and what looked like a car chase. All black SUVs. Some how we diffused the situation and we're back in the lower level of the house. I then realized that my band was playing that night (I'm not in a band. No idea where this came from) and I needed to borrow one of my roommates guitars. He agreed since he was heading out of town. That's it!