Rest ? Room ?

Date: 5/23/2017

By guido38

I had a dream I was at the house. I was just doing laundry . I had my clothes folded and stuff on my bed next to my shoes lined up . Guess I was reorganizing them . As I looked I didn't have any of these clothes even some of the shoes but they were nice . Maybe ill get a list together next time I buy stuff 😂 anyway then I went to the bathroom . But it looked remodeled . Anyway there was a tv in there but it wasn't a show or anything . It was a face watching me as I pissed . I was like damn no privacy even where I live . Ok . I used to be on probation and those people had to watch me pee . So I was like aite go ahead i don't care . Then another tv with a face on it appeared and it was talking shit to the other . Then I just finished my business . Washed my hands and left .