Date: 2/17/2017

By Khiyt

I remember a few instances about the dream, but not all of it unfortunately. One major part that happened was that I was in my old neighborhood, holding a pistol, two grenades on my right shoulder and two knives around my waist. I also had a laser katana on my back. I was with a group of people traversing throughout Northern Raleigh (where I live) in an MMORPG-like video game setting. It was night-time the whole time. We came across a short bridge with bright white streetlights, mushrooms in a surrounding forest that were spewing green spores, and the bridge was standing above a polluted, oily black river. My group, with 5 or 6 members, were being attacked by walking trees and aggressive star-shaped creatures, all with purple health bars above their heads. Me and someone who resembled a person that I dislike in real life were teaming up to shoot the monsters and woman in a black cloak was dragging a 12 year old girl (part of our team) away into a dark forest next to the bridge. When the walking Groot look-a-likes were killed, the exploded in a brief blue, red, and white pop. Not long after that, I wasn't quite clear what had happened, but my group was called to return to an area that completely resembled my neighborhood, except there were odd twists: a large family of deer, with huge antlers and moss growing around their bodies, was emerging out of the forest behind my neighborhood, there was a group of teenagers wearing black and red outfits, and instead of an island roundabout with a mailbox in the middle of my block, there was a scoreboard with large flamethrowers surrounding it and two symbols which I guess were symbolizing the two teams. My team was blue, and for a symbol we had a blue Islam symbol with a smaller yellow crescent being surrounded by the regular sized blue moon. We were called the Astralgazers. The other team, which was the red team, had a symbol that looked like a red Christian cross with a greenish gold dragon encircling it. They were called the Flamewanderers. Instantly after starring at the scoreboard for a while, I was chased by a persistent opponent of the red team trying to stab me with two knives in his hand. This whole moment in my dream actually felt dreadful for me, because I thought that if I got stabbed that I would die for real, as in, die in the real world. So, I ran behind all of the houses trying to lose him, and it was pitch-black with only dim orange patio lights lighting the way. I was breathing heavy trying not to get stabbed and running faster. Eventually I made my way around the houses and behind the family of deer. Just so you know, I have a fear of hooved animals, so I tried to shimey my way through the family of deer. This family of deer was, unbeknownst to me, on our side and five of the deer stood up with wooden bows and arrows and wooden swords, and they shot and slashed the guy, who was chasing me, to death. After that, I stood in front of my porch and saw his dead body from roughly 10 meters away. Suddenly, the flamethrowers surrounding the scoreboard blazed and voices from god-knows-where started cheering and congratulating my team. Apparently, we were part of a Hunger Games-like event and that we were online in a game where if you die in the game, you die for real (sound familiar?). Good thing I ran from that crazy knife guy. Apparently the guy that the deer warriors killed was the last surviving member of the Flamewanderers. Our symbol on the scoreboard suddenly shined a bright blue and a gigantic blue crystalized moon (looks identical to Cocoon from Final Fantasy XIII-2) rose in the background miles away. The game took place all across the US and different cities are called "territories", and the blue crystal moon was a sign that we now controlled Raleigh. A show host appeared moments later, who had a curly brown mustache, small eyes, was kinda plump, and who wore a shiny purple sequin suit, white undershirt, a bright vermilion bowtie, and a dark blue sequin covered top hat. He came out of nowhere announcing (speaking German but with an English translator) that we, the Astralgazers, had won the 2017 Jägerreich Tournament. If my German is correct, Jägerreich, when broken down, literally translates as "Hunter Realm". After this announcement, the sky turned to dawn and than quickly to afternoon and my dream ended with the real world sound of my ferret scratching at his cage.